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  1. Carriers and Forwarders liability
The purpose of carrier's liability insurance is to cover carrier's and forwarder's liability regulated by national and international legislation and conventions.​
Freight forwarders are exposed to a broad variety of liabilities in respect of the services they provide to their customers. Different liabilities are applicable for transit by sea, air, road or rail.

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The modern freight forwarders need to accept other liabilities, as for an example, liability for operators of temperature-controlled equipment, warehouse owners and intermodal operators. Third Party Logistics and Internet Businesses are also becoming more frequent responsibilities for freight forwarders.

Road transportation

Road transportation

Regulation of road hauliers responsibility is issued both in shape of international regulation as well as national legislation. Below we have gathered the most common rules on the area. So far we only provide the documents in the respective language as far as it is local legislation and in English concerning international legislation.

If is not responsible for the correctness of the laws and rules issued on these pages either is If responsible for losses referring to the documents on this site.

Domestic Legislation
Denmark Faerdselsloven, Alm. danske regler om erstatningsansvar
Finland Tiekuljetussopimuslaki (TKSL)
Norway CMR


Legislation in Sweden

Rail transportation

Rail transportation

Here we have gathered the most common laws concerning transportation by train. Please observe that the laws are not
updated automatically, so please use the documents as an information only.

If is not responsible for the correctness of the laws and rules issued on these pages either is If responsible for losses referring to the documents on this site.

​Domestic Legislation
Denmark Lov om jernbanevirksomhed
Finland Rautatiekuljetuslaki
Norway NSB's Standard Conditions of Carriage
for Domestic Rail Freight
Sweden SJ Cargo Normal Conditions for Railway

The international rail transport law

(passenger CIV and freight traffic CIM)

Sea transportation

Sea transportation

A lot of regulation is prevailing in the fields of sea transportation. The local Nordic legislation is in many ways identical. National legislation is often based on international conventions, and some agreements issued by Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is also quite common. Below we have gathered the most common legislation, conventions and agreements prevailing in the field of sea transportation.

By a diplomatic convention in 1978 the Hamburg-rules were issued. They are a bit more strict towards the shipowners' liability and is intentionally meant to be the successor of Hague-Visbye Rules but is until now only ratified by a limited number of nations.


Forwarders' Liability

Forwarders' Liability

Nordiskt Speditörforbund, NSF, organizes Nordic freight forwarders through their national associations. NSF looks after its members interests by coordinating the national points of view and representing its members before Nordic, European and international bodies by safeguarding the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB) and by developing new intranordic trade projects.

NSAB contains conditions relating to the forwarder's assignment, the performance of the assignment, the liability of the forwarder as a carrier, as a provider of services and in connection with storage, the liability of the principal, complaints, prescription and the procedure in the event of disputes.

NSAB 2000 is the latest edition of the general conditions. As in all previous versions its basic theme is that the forwarder has an obligation to act professionally and with due care. Like the previous three versions, it has been developed by negotiation with the organisations of the freight shippers. In addition, NSAB 2000 deals with liability in cases of transport with a time guarantee and the forwarders obligations when performing warehousing.

NSAB 2000 contains the rules of liability to which freightforwarding jobs in the Nordic countries are subject. Thus the rules are a private agreement and therefore must be agreed between the freight forwarder and the shipper.

If P&C Insurance is not responsible for the correctness of the laws and rules issued on these pages either is If P&C Insurance responsible for losses referring to the documents on this site.

General conditions

NSAB2000-Danish (pdf, 98 kb)
NSAB2000-English (pdf, 203 kb)

PSYM2000-Finnish (pdf, 250 kb)
NSAB2000-Swedish (pdf, 193 kb)

NSAB-Norwegian (pdf, 280 kb)
ADSP-German (pdf, 96 kb) is the German contractual agreement on the freight forwarding business.

Domestic conditions

Speditorsansvar NSAB2000 (pdf, 65 kb)

Ansvarsforsikring for speditorer og andre innen transportnaeringen (pdf, 137 kb)

Sjö- och transportförsäkring, Svensk Försäkring​​

Domestic Conditions

Summary of regulations

Applicable rules for limitation of liability and notice of loss for different modes of transportation.​

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  1. Carriers and Forwarders liability