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Our international insurance policies have been designed to meet your company's individual needs and to satisfy your requirements for a high level of quality.

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For information and news related to your travel insurance, please visit our travel portal.​

Clinics and hospitals

When the unpleasant happens, our international co-operation partners are in service to help the insured world wide. Visit our travel portal for a list of countries with the preferred clinics and hospitals.

War risk areas

Please contact us before travelling to war risk or dangerous areas. Please see the list in our travel portal

Claims and forms

Report claims and print out beneficiary and other forms in our travel portal.

Insurance cover for short period trips and longer assignments

Every year, we insure millions of business journeys all around the world, with new types of insurance solutions, which provide protection for your company’s travelling personnel. In Finland we offer new insurance solutions for personnel travelling on business both short period trips and longer assignments.

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