24 h emergency service

When a claim occurs please inform us immediately by calling the 24h emergency service.
You can also report your claim in our online service If Login.

If Login

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Information to clients and brokers in Finland:

If Login (Classic version)​ is closed. Please use the New If Login instead.
On the 27.11.2017, you will receive an e-mail, which will include instructions on how to start to use the renewed If Login-service.
If for some reason you do not receive the welcome message by the 28.11.2017 (for example, because of a spam filter), you can order a new password from the following address https://login.if-insurance.com by clicking “Forgot password”.
The user ID for the renewed If Login-service is your e-mail address.
If you cannot access the system, you can contact us by using the following e-mail address: industrial.client-service@if.fi
If you have questions regarding Workers Compensation claims, please contact our claims service:
tyotapaturmakorvaukset.suurasiakkaat@if.fi or call us 010 19 1711

If you have any questions please contact us

Denmark: industri@if.dk

Finland: industrial.client-service@if.fi

Norway: industri@if.no

Sweden: industri@if.se

Other countries: industri@if.se

Please remember that you can also always contact your client team at If.​​​​​​​