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12 May 2017
Common ways to break your main equipment and how to avoid them

If News 2/2017 Property. The lifeblood of any rotating machinery is the lubricating system. Steam and gas turbines in the power industry normally uses journal bearings that consist of a shaft that freely rotates, in a supporting metal sleeve, without rolling elements.​​​​​​​​​

9 November 2016
To err is human, but what is a human factor?

If News 6/2016 Property. In a recent study, some major losses in chemical, food and construction industries was investigated and the complex nature of accidents was, again, emphasized.​​​

21 June 2016
Put your roof to work in a safe manner

If News 4/2016 Property. The ever-increasing focus on carbon dioxide emissions and on the limited natural resources that are available on our planet, makes companies look to reduce their dependencies on fossil fuels. The need for renewable energy sources, such as solar power, becomes increasingly apparent, and the way to convert sunlight into electrical current utilizing photovoltaic panels gets more and more common.​​​

31 August 2015
Power plants in a changing world

​If News 6/2015 Property. Thermal power generating facilities are aging fast. It has been estimated that nearly half of the production capacity operating in 2030 must be built in the years 2010…2030.​

19 May 2015
When loss delays start-ups, insurance can help

​If News 4/2015 Property. The principal can cover him or herself against a loss in several ways. Principals can be careful when choosing contractors and suppliers to realize the project. They can require all parties of the project to ensure a high level of risk management during the project phases.​

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