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12 December 2013
“Unlikely fires” occur when several factors collide

​Lessons from Losses 5/2013. Two large-scale conveyor fires have recently taken place in the Swedish pulp industry. The fires were substantially different in character and scope, but the lessons to be learnt from them are largely similar.​​​

29 October 2013
Falling from height

Lessons from Losses 4/2013. Work at height can be described as a work in any place, where a person could fall down and get injured when precautions are not taken. This description applies to most industrial workplaces and is – and has been – a major reason for many fatal accidents. ​​​​

22 May 2013
As we live longer, how will our health fare?

​Lessons from Losses 3/2013. Will we grow old, get sick and die in the same way as our forefathers? Hardly – while new diseases are on the increase, others are in decline. You are very likely to live longer, remain healthier and work longer than your parents. But, who will take care of us or pay the bill?​​

10 April 2013
How to prevent hydraulic oil fires

​Lessons from Losses 2/2013. Hydraulic oils are not generally considered a serious fire hazard, because they have high ignition temperatures. This amounts, however, to a false sense of security, since spraying hydraulic oil will burn just as fiercely as other hydrocarbons. ​​

6 February 2013
Occupational rehabilitation supports returning to work

​Lessons from Losses 1/2013. Every year in Finland, about 50,000 unexpected occupational accidents, accidents happening on the way to or from work or occupational diseases occur to or are sustained by people insured by If’s Statutory Workers’ Compensation Insurance. About 1% of this figure can be classified as serious accidents, the consequences of which are that the workability of the employee is threatened.​​​​

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