Expatriate Insurance

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Policy number

SP753693. This policy number applies to all insured persons.

Insured persons

Expatriates and accompanying family members affiliated to the insurance.

Geographical validity

The insurance is valid in the country of stationing. The insurance also cover business travel and private travel worldwide.

Change of country of stationing

The validity of the insurance and the premium is dependent on the host country. ICA HR department is responsible for reporting changes of host country to If.


When leaving your assignment abroad it is important that you inform your ICA HR contact so that the insurance can be cancelled. You also need to report if an accompanying family member is to leave the insurance.​

Insurance card

All insured persons will receive an insurance card with policy number, name and personal id number printed via ICA HR. The insurance card is good to have but not necessary to bring when medical help is needed. On the back of the card the telephone number and the email address to If Assistance are printed.​


Sums Insured and Deductibles

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