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Policy number

SP1127194. This policy number applies to all insured persons.

Insured persons

The insurance provides cover for anybody who travels on behalf of ECCO and at its expense. Cover applies regardless of age and as listed below:

  • All employees
  • Co-travelling spouses/common-law spouses and children
  • Board members, owners and their family
  • Invited clients and guests
  • Consultants

Local policies

Local policies are issued in China, Indonesia and Switzerland. Further information regarding contact information to local insurer in these countries can be found under Select country. Please contact the local insurer for issuance of insurance certificate.

​Geographical area

Worldwide including domestic travel, during business trips from the moment the insured leaves his/her home or workplace and ceases upon return to either of these places. During business travel for a consecutive period not exceeding 365 days. The insurance is also valid during combined business and leisure trips in direct connection with a business trip abroad.

The insurance covers incidents as a result of war with the exception of the following countries: Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, and Syria.

Certificates for visa application

When applying for a visa it is often necessary to attach an insurance certificate. Issue your own certificate using the fill-in PDF, found on the “Insurance certificate” tab.

In case of Emergency

​(acute serious illness, accidental injury or repatriation)

If's alarm centre at SOS International A/S
Telephone: +45 70 13 13 35
(24 hours)
Facsimile: +45 70 10 50 56


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