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9/24/2014 1:00 AM

​In the terms and conditions there is a limitation: The compensation entitlement commences three months after the insured becomes covered by the insurance, but four weeks before dental examination and
cleaning, and immediately before temporary pain-relieving dental treatment in the country of expatriation. We have removed the limitation for all expats from Danske Bank. This means that we cover dental treatment from 1st of October 2014. We cover the following on dental treatment:

Emergency dental treatment
5.4.1 What is covered
The insurance covers reasonable and necessary costs of dental examination, dental treatment, teeth cleaning, fillings, root canal treatment, tooth extraction,pegs, bridges, gold teeth, crowns, prostheses and implants, tooth adjustments, bite rails, paradentosis treatment and tooth prostheses at up to DKK 10,000 per insured per insurance year. The dental treatment must be necessary on medical grounds and approved by If before the treatment commences.

Special provisions
If is entitled to reduce or withhold compensation of costs if the insured's teeth can be assumed to have been in a significantly worse condition than in persons of the same age who undergo regular check-ups and the treatments thereby recommended.

5.4.2 What is excluded
The insurance does not cover:

  • Acquisition, replacement, renewal or repair of prostheses and implants, unless this is a first-time acquisition as a consequence of injury.
  • Transport to dental treatment.