SOS World Wise

​Knowledge about the country you are travelling to is valuable, not just in relation to what the journey has to offer but also in terms of health and safety.

SOS World Wise is an online travel portal that provides users with essential travel assistance information, including valuable information about an area’s health, security and business culture. The portal can be used by a company’s travelling employee and has the option of listing the company’s agreements with rental agencies, hotels, etc. You can log into the portal from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access and your password.

The portal allows you to

  • Search for country specific information (e.g. general facts, and history)
  • Health information (e.g. vaccines and diseases)
  • Safety assessments (Crime, corruption and security measures)
  • Search for the nearest/best medical facility or doctor

How to get access?

You can access the app through the following hyperlinks (remember to press down CTRL button)

After you have entered the site the user must enter the following information:

Username: User01DB
Password: User01DB