SOS Assist app

​The SOS assist mobile application applies to expatriates or business travellers and ensures the best possible standards of service and medical care for the traveller. SOS International has appointed preferred providers in many countries. A preferred provider is appointed by SOS International as the best local choice available for medical treatment and service.

With the application, travellers and expatriates have a world of capability in their hand which allows them to search and find the nearest medical facility at their destination.

The application allows you to

  • Search for the nearest medical facility or doctor
  • Show the medical facility or doctor on a map
  • Bookmark your medical facility prior your travel
  • Have easy access to the phone number of SOS International whenever you need medical help or advice related to your travel

How to get access?

You can access the app through the following hyperlinks (remember to press down CTRL button)

App store
Google Play
Windows Phone

After downloading the application the user must enter the following information:

Username: if
Password: if2014

Showcase video

The application has an easy-to-navigate structure and works on an intuitive basis. To help display the different functions and features we have made a showcase video displaying what the application can do and how it is done. The video can be accessed through the following link.

SOS Assist video