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Welcome to If insurance guide!

Here you can find more information about your insurance cover, how to report a claim, frequently asked questions and how to take out an insurance for your family.

​What does the insurance cover?

  • ​Medical expenses
  • Dental treatment
  • Physiotherapy and chiropractor
  • Health check up and exams
  • Crisis therapy
The above is only an extract of your insurance. For an exhaustive list, please see the complete terms and conditions and the policy overview.

Digital insurance card

As a supplement to the traditional insurance card you are now able to download the insurance card to your phone from the link below. If you are using an Android or Windows phone you must download an app that supports Wallet (we recommend Passwallet). Please note that the link below must be opened from your phone to be able to download the insurance card: https://pass.if.eu/s/UmBmkj​

Need for supplementary cover?

You can buy a supplementary cover in relation to the expatriate insurance. See our offer.

In case of Emergency

​(acute serious illness, accidental injury or repatriation)

If's alarm centre at SOS International A/S
Telephone: +45 70 13 13 35
(24 hours)
Facsimile: +45 70 10 50 56
E-mail: rejseassistance@if.dk​

Report claim

Insurance for family members.

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