Business Travel Insurance

​Policy number

SP655416. This policy number applies to all insured persons.

Insured persons

Worldwide coverage for all employees, project staff, employed by the hour, members of the board, consultants, auditors, temporary borrowed personnel and accompanying family members when travelling on behalf of ABB AB.


The insurance includes 14 days vacation in direct connection to business trip.

Applying for visa

When applying for visa, it is sometimes necessary to attach an insurance certificate. See further information under Claims and forms.​

Insurance card

The insurance card for business travelers can be picked up at your Travel Manager or by sending an e-mail to your Travel Manager. You’ll find contact information under Contact us. Or you can download an electronic insurance card by following this link from your mobile device:​.

The insurance card will be downloaded to Passbook in Apple phones / IOS-devices. If you are using an Android- or Windows-based device you will need to install an application that supports Passbook (Passwallet is recommended).

You can also print a copy of the Insurance Card​.

Claims and forms

Terms and conditions

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