Nanomaterials and possible adverse health effects

Meet some of the world’s leading experts​

For some years, there has been a growing concern that some nanomaterials may cause adverse health effects in humans and also harm the environment. Numerous research programs have been initiated to clarify possible links between nanomaterials and such negative effects.

As the largest P&C (non-life) insurance company in the Nordic region, If P&C Insurance has for many years been very focused on emerging risks. An important part of our policy is to develop and maintain a leading position in risk knowledge and risk management.

Together with Professor David C. Christiani at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston we gather top experts on nanomaterials and possible adverse health effects to a workshop/seminar in Oslo, Norway. The experts come from the United States, Switzerland, Germany and the Nordic countries. They represent well-known research institutions, regulatory authorities and the nanotechnology industry.

Following the workshop there will be a seminar with presentations of the main findings from the workshop.

The seminar

  • The seminar – by invitation only – will take place September 10th between 1:00 P.M. and 4:15 P.M. at If P&C Insurance’s auditorium at Drammensveien 264, Vaekeroe in Oslo.

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