Environmental work in If

If's environmental work is aimed at reducing the environmental impact entailed by the company's position as the biggest insurance company in the Nordic region. Our actions are of great importance since they contribute to an improved environment and procedures, and also to lower business and claims costs.​​​​​​​​​​
In general, insurance companies have a relatively small impact on the environment. However, we have an indirect impact through our suppliers and clients. In our capacity as one of the leading insurance companies, we have great opportunities to have an influence by specifying requirements for our suppliers and through the insurance policies we offer our clients. We are of the opinion that everyone, regardless of the industry they are in, must take their responsibility.

We consider that, as insurance companies, we can and should give assistance and have an influence, because of our know-how and commitment within the industry in which we operate. For example, we are actively involved in promoting the debate concerning a safer community from an environmental perspective and in helping our clients minimise their environmental damage through our expertise in measures to prevent damage.​

Preventing environmental damage

Environmental damage has enormous cost implications for communities and companies. At the same time, current environmental legislation specifies increasingly strict requirements for those it covers. For example, companies today have stricter environmental responsibility and are therefore obliged to restore any damage they cause.

At If, we therefore want to be able to assist our clients in preventing any damage and risks before they arise. We do that by acting with a long-term perspective and preventing damage. In doing so, we are helping our clients to take care of the environment and also save money.​

Supplier requirements

Environmental targets

Environmental policy