If in brief

If simplifies its legal structure

If P&C Insurance Company Ltd, which is responsible for Ifs business in Finland, has been merged into its Swedish parent company, If P&C Insurance Ltd, as of 2 October 2017. In the future, the Finnish company will operate as a branch of the Swedish company.

This change will streamline Ifs legal structure in the Nordic countries and reduce the complexity of its administration. If has operated through branches in Norway and Denmark since 1999.

The change will have no effect on Ifs customer services, business or personnel in Finland. The change does not require any action from customers. ​

​The company has offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Baltic countries and branch offices in France, Germany, The Netherlands and UK.​

Head office If Skadeförsäkring AB (publ)
Postal address: If, 106 80 Stockholm
Barks väg 15, Bergshamra, Stockholm, Sweden
CEO Torbjörn Magnusson
Ownership If is owned by Sampo plc, which is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
Market position Largest in the Nordic region
No. of claims administered We receive 1.4 million damages claims every year and handle more than half of them within 24 hours. 9 out of 10 clients who have had a claim award us top marks for our claims administration.
Clients 3 million private customers, 320,000 corporate clients​