1999 - If is established

The If company, as we know it today, is established in 1999 through the merger of the non-life insurance operations of Skandia of Sweden and Storebrand of Norway. The intention is to form the leading non-life insurance company in the Nordic Region.

The name comes from the English word "if", which alludes to ”if something happens”. The company is internationally viable, which is entirely in line with our vision of establishing ourselves throughout the Nordic Region. At the same time, the name symbolises something modern, unique and distinctive. If's logo is displayed externally for the first time in conjunction with the If Stockholm Open, a tennis event of which we are still main sponsor.

2001 – Sampo becomes part of If

Sampo's non-life insurance business becomes part of If and as a result we clearly become the largest non-life insurance company in the Nordic Region.

2002 - Stable expansion and a new MD

Our MD, Torbjörn Magnusson, takes the helm and, during the same year, we are introduced into the Baltic markets. Torbjörn Magnusson turns If's operating results around and we are one of the world's most stable insurance companies. For example, we have a total cost percentage (Combined Ratio) of between 89.9 and 92.8 per cent.

2004 – If becomes wholly-owned by Sampo

Skandia and Storebrand sell all of their shares in If to Sampo. As a result we become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sampo.

2009 – If 10 years old

We celebrate our 10th anniversary. However, that is a somewhat modified truth. Via our various parent companies, we have actually had insurance clients for more than 100 years.

2014 – If today

Today we are the leading non-life insurer in the Nordic Region with more than 6,800 employees in 12 countries. In addition, we have network partners throughout the world.