This is Nils.

He is more than a System Developer.
He is also an innovator by the customer’s side.

Nils started his career at If as a System Developer for If’s webshops. A couple of years later he joined the new initiative Tech Lab. A team that was founded to build prototypes and minimum viable products to explore new technologies and business opportunities for If. It turned out to be a perfect match. Today, five years later, Nils still thrives in his role as an explorer of tomorrow’s possibilities when it comes to tech and data.

“As a part of If’s Tech Lab, I have the opportunity to work with frontrunning technologies and develop solutions and services for the future. The wide range of complex tasks motivates me, and I feel proud every time we come up with an innovation that will make people’s lives safer and smoother.” 

Learning is constant and sharing is caring

- During my years in If’s Tech Lab, I have been involved in inventing new concepts for a large variety of needs within If, Nils says. Chatbots connected to Alexa and Siri, API platforms, mobile apps, clickbots and much more. We work with time-limited projects and with stakeholders from all business areas. That means no projects are alike, and I can personally influence what technologies we use to solve a specific task. 

Being a part of Tech Lab means constantly trying and learning. But the knowledge isn’t supposed to stay in the team, and information sharing is an important part of Nils’ role as well.

- Last spring, we were working with a new system using Python and Databricks, Nils says. Right now, I’m in the middle of a Java project. And we do a lot of .NET. But regardless of the language – almost everything is Azure. I really enjoy exploring new technologies and it’s exciting to get the chance to inspire others, both internally within If’s tech community but also externally and even abroad. 

Data can make a difference when bad luck strikes

Insurance is all about data, and an important focus area within If is how to use data in the most efficient way to create better products and services for the customers. At this point, Tech Lab is working on a project which aims to make If’s car insurances even more data driven.

- We are exploring new cloud-based ways to collect and analyze data, Nils says. Our task is to learn from data and find out how it can be used to improve the products and customer experience. For instance, data can help us understand people’s driving habits. This opens for insurances that are priced based on how you drive and not only on the type of car, driving distance, age and home address.

When If can track the right data, it gives new possibilities to be by the customers' side when it matters the most. In the case of a car accident, for example.

- With this functionality we will get an instant notification if a customer seems to have been in a traffic collision, Nils says. That makes us able to act fast on our customer’s needs – like sending out a tow truck and being one step ahead in the claims handling.

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A frontrunner with work-life balance

Nils had a track record from various start-ups when he decided to join If, and he admits that he shared some biases about working at a Nordic company with more than 8,000 employees. 

- I had an idea that being a System Developer at a large company means working in huge environments with old boring technology, Nils says. But I was totally wrong about that. If’s tech community is cutting edge in many areas, not least when it comes to cloud-based solutions.

And over the years, Nils has experienced several benefits of working for a stable and secure employer like If.

- The culture is very helpful, and a good work-life balance is prioritized from the organization, Nils says. I also appreciate the generous investments in courses, trainings, conferences and software. Here at If, I get all the benefits of working at a startup, but at the same time I can take advantage of the strengths of a large company. And if I want to try new tasks and develop some special skills, there are so many different teams within If's tech community that I can join. The opportunities to proceed in the career without changing employer are fantastic.

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